Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #94: NFP Revisited & A Big Announcement It's been a big week...especially around Kat's tummy area. We talk about everything from video games to books and revisit NFP.
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CST #93: Penelope & Too Much Stuff We're back from two weeks off and a road trip to Blakely. Updates on Kat's mom, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is boring, ER is not, Hulu rocks, and Penelope is good for the whole fam. Catholic stuff focusses on holding on to too much stuff.
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CST #92: Potato Cannons and the Apostle Paul We celebrate the 4th with good friends, fireworks, and a potato cannon; we tell you why you shouldn't see Wanted and should see Wall-e; and we look at the passion of St. Paul.
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