Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.

We review Hanna, miss the boys, play through Trine and discuss whether Midnight Mass is a cheat.

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Decorating the tree, watching Up All Night, and taking the time to be joyful.

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CST #206: Huzzah!

Colonial Williamsburg, the new Missal, a ton of emails, The Muppets, Twilight, and treating advent like lent.

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Mac leaves the Macbook on a bus, Kat makes sure everyone knows the difference b/w Grimm and Once Upon a Time, Allyson Sweeney gives us some good advice, and we already know that our children will break our heart.

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The time change gets us again, lots of camping, Katherine sees the movie "In Time", and you guys help us deal with our kids in Church.

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CST #203:Katherine Does Not Get Wicked

Katherine & Jennifer go see Wicked, Mac & Fr. Ben go see Moneyball, and how do you keep your kids from becoming tech zombies?

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Mac bottles some beer and reads Area 51, we watch Terra Nova and Transformers Dark of the Moon, read from a plethera of emails, and talk about homeschooling.

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Jail House Brewery is my new favorite place, we get to watch Mass Confusion, we get to attend a Q&A for a documentary, Thor is pretty cool, Where the Wild Things Are is required viewing if you have a little boy in your life, you guys keep the feedback coming, and what do you say to your kids about houses of friends?

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CST #200: Katherine Glows About Friday Night Lights

We have a wonderful family moment learning about 911, Katherine's addicted to Friday Night Lights, Mac loved True Grit, no mail, and its all about daddy issues.

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Ben & I are LOVING the original Zelda, Kat discusses legal advice for homeschoolers, we give you two reviews of the Hunger Games, and Mac realizes the way he reacts to people sometimes is not exactly Christ - like.

Our theme music is by Mary Bragg find her at

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