Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.

Thanksgiving was great, Ben began being an alter server, we talk about lots of movies and gift ideas, Sean warns us about using the word "Fanny," and a Marian perspective on Advent.

TV Shows:

Downton Abbey



The Grey

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Les Miserables


World War Z


Music as always by Marry Bragg

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Mac scouts it up at Arrowquest, Greg & Jennifer join us in Athens, we LOVED Skfall, and we try to keep things in perspective through prayer.




My Sister's Sister

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We are officially Tristan's guardians, camping was great, we pick up tons of pecans, Underworld: Awakening isn't worth your time. And at what point do you become a conscientious objector?


The Muppets

Underworld: Awakening

October Baby


Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Here's the Thing

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Our family loses Bella, but its for the best. SHS gets a coffee shop, Katherine loves People Like Us & Snow White, and we address spiritual warfare.

TV Shows:

Walking Dead

Once Upon a Time


People Like Us

Snow White & The Huntsman

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The Barron family  goes to the fair, we recommend Looper and Cabin in the Woods, Mac can't bless people, and Father Ben is a great priest.



Cabin in the Woods

Last Resort



Plague Inc.

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CST #225 Show Notes

Fall TV Preview:

Downton Abbey

Last Resort

Ben & Kate



Unholy Night

Catholic Stuff:

Christ calls us to DO, not just believe.

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Show Notes for CST #224:

We've got a new dog, Mac is a den leader, Age of Miracles is great… if you're a girl! and how do you deal with mature content in movies when watching with a 16 year old?


Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson


Hell on Wheels (AMC)



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Show Notes CST_223

We have a new addition to the family, the school year is in full swing, we're revisiting 30 Rock, don't really care for the latest Bourne movie, and rail agianst the fight-picking of gay activism. 

Movies/TV mentioned:

30 Rock

TED Talks

Mirror Mirror

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CST #222: The Vacationing Catholic Rises

Show Notes CST_222

Just back from Orlando vacation, long lines, great rides and lots of Butterbeer. We review Chronicle, Rayman Origins, and The Dark Knight Rises. In Catholic Stuff we talk about the excess of vacations and not rapping at mass.

Movies mentioned:


Dark Knight Rises

Video Games:

Rayman Origins


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Show Notes for CST #221

We have to put Gus down, we review several animated things and wallow in nostalgia over Top Gun, defend the portrayal of Southerners in Abraham Lincoln, and use our addiction to sugar as a lens through which to talk about self-control in our spiritual lives.

Movies talked about:

Secret Life of Arietty

Top Gun

John Carter

Secret of Kells

TV Shows:

Transformers Prime


Here's the Thing

Also Mentioned:

Robert Lustig

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