Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
Inside Marriage: Episode 3

Here's a short one where we ponder why God created Woman to need to talk to be intimate and Man to need intimate times in order to want to talk.

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CST #157: Mania of Self-Expression

Rough week at school, Kat looks down on Big Labowski, Beer Wars, Bright Star, a meditation on St. Joseph reminds us its not about "us."

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CST #156: Can't Do Without That Magnificat!

New washers and other calamiities, graphic contst, Kat reviews Keith and Dakota Sky, Mac can't stop playing Space Miner, and dicipline in daily prayer might actually make lent worthwile...DUH!

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