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Jul 7, 2008

We celebrate the 4th with good friends, fireworks, and a potato cannon; we tell you why you shouldn't see Wanted and should see Wall-e; and we look at the passion of St. Paul.

almost fifteen years ago

I cried when a latex sex doll died! I think I need my head examined and am heading off to doctors office as soon has he opens on Monday.

Seriously, my wife and I watched \\\"Lars and the Real Girl\\\" after hearing your review. We both thought the movie was very interesting. The way they handled the situation with the young man was very tender and creative. I found myself very touched when the latex sex toy girl died. I miss her so much.


almost fifteen years ago

HI there. Just find your podcast and just gave it a shout out on my blog . Southerner and COnvert here too.

A few thoughts on your Song disucssion. I am one that is always asking songs of a more Patrotic nature at MASS around Holidays. I do agree that there needs to be some judgment

However this not a foreign concept to Catholicism. If one goes to POLAND one sees it and in fact you see on Holy Thursday Polish Military people in Uniform Guarding a figure of Jesus. We see this elsewhere.

I understand your example of Nazism. However we could use other examples of what the Nazis did and say oh no watch out.

What is a bigger concern to me is the fact that the many Catholics think that there is so much separation of Church and State that they can hold positions contrary to the Catholic Faith.

Is the problem people singing GOd Bless American or there is more of a Problem most Catholics do not prayer for their COuntries needs and protections to Our Lady of Gudalupe who is the Patroness of the UNited States. Pius the XII urged us too when he said if we did that American and Mexico would be safe

One thing about the Anglican Faith they do well is that in their Book of Common PRayer they have prayers for the leaders National , State, and local that are quite formal.

Also a Healthy love of Country is no foreign to the Catholic Faith.

It used to be the ancient prayer of the UNited States ws sung or chanted at Masses in the UNited States on the 4th. THe first Public Prayer for the U.S by our first Catholic Bishop
Domine salvam fac Regina nostram\" - O God, save the Queen - and it retains a certain measure of God-wardness that might be lacking in other patriotic songs.

And at the end of High Masses in England a chant/song is said for the British King/Queen. That seems to be a mixing of national interests with religious ones.

That was (is) common to a lot of countries
In older editions of clergy magazine