Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #61: Our Favorite Movies - Part One This week:  A special edition of Colby's Cars, Mac takes some deserved time off, we wonder what you think of Halloween and tell you what we think and we present part one of Mac and Katherine's Favorite movies.

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CST #60:  Is this the introduction to the Opposites? This week: Swimming in October (about as crazy as us having our credit cards paid off or our boys in bed by 6:30). We read from your emails, give you our take on Pushing Daisies and ramble a little about our responsibilities in regards to money. (Hint: It's not even ours).
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CST #59: We love TV (much too much) This week: We do the podcast on the road - forgive us for the extra noise.  Sam is stubborn, England is elusive, TV this fall is great (and addictive), Prayer is necessary.
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