Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #149: The End (of the year) is Near We fly with no show notes and ramble about favorite Christmas presents, and talk about Mac's top 5 movies of '09.
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CST #148: And So This Is Christmas Back from Blakely, Angels & Demons, Avatar, Terminator Salvation, Anne Rice's Road to Cana.
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CST #147: Peace - Noel - Joy Mac & Kat decorate the house, discover Braid & Julie & Julia, try to stay grounded with your email, and attempt to live the joy of the resurrection!
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CST #146: New Moon Better Than The Old Moon Thanksgiving festivities, new furniture, Kat saw New Moon, Mac waxes nostalgic over Krull, and we recommend beginning ceremonial traditions with the fam.
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CST#145.5: Actually, It Is The End of The World Another car show, on the way home from seeing 2012.
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CST #145: Its Not the End of the World Ben turned 7 and had a sleepover, we review Planet 51 and revisit Star Trek, and what does the Church say about the apocalypse?
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CST #144: He WAS Spartacus Spartacus goes to doggie heaven, V is still cool after all these years, and Mac & Kat throw down about germs at communion.
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CST #143: The Need for Creeds Cub Scout trips, zombie batteries, Transformers 2, lots of voice feedback, and how great is our creed?
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CST #142: Our House is Where the Wild Things Are Carcasting this week: Green Measles, Sam likes brunettes, the emotional truth of Wild Things, and how to raise bos who respect women.
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 CST #141: Wrestling with DRAMA Mac is in uberlove with Ubercaster, The Wrestler is good but rough, and Kat deals with small town drama.
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