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Join us on this crazy adventure we call life.  We'll share with you the latest books, movies, tv shows and video games we're consuming.  We'll update you on what's happening and even go a little deeper.

Jun 16, 2021

Katherine takes a tumble...twice, we buzz the tower again with Top Gun, and Katherine is reading all about our post-Christian, apostolic age.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Top Gun (VOD)



Sweet Tooth

Aqua Teen Hunger Force


Other great stuff we like:

Kat's new Macbook Air skin

Mac’s Online Woodcraft...

Jun 8, 2021

Ben leaves home with Sam in tow, Mac discovers how great Tractor Supply Company is, Katherine brags on her Fishskyn and the whole family laughs at Three Amigos.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

The Three Amigos (Amazon VOD)

Everything I Know… So Far (Prime)

Batman Begins (Hulu)

The Dark Knight (Hulu)

Peace Starts with...

May 20, 2021

Mac & Katherine soiree down elementary school lane, the school year is winding down, Trying is pretty good so far, 7 Psychopaths is better than expected, and Katherine wonders about Catherine of Sienna.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Trying (Apple+)

7 Psychopaths (Amazon Prime)

Sidney White

Spaceship Earth (Hulu)


May 16, 2021

Mother’s Day comes and goes, unexpected protestant conversation, and Sam uses the wrong audio file when editing the show. We like Wild Mountain Thyme. Mac has a big-time with Big Trouble in Little China, and we break down a minor rough patch for your uncomfortable enjoyment.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Wild Mountain...

May 6, 2021

Mac has a birthday, Max has back problems, Monster Hunter is pretty bad and we talk about the Catholic books we’re reading (The Holy Bread of Life & Restoration of Christian Culture.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Monster Hunter





Restoration of Christian Culture by John Senior

The Holy Bread of Life...