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Join us on this crazy adventure we call life.  We'll share with you the latest books, movies, tv shows and video games we're consuming.  We'll update you on what's happening and even go a little deeper.

Dec 19, 2018

Christmas parties galore, Ben is driving, MI- Fallout holds up and so does It’s a Wonderful Life and we stand up for someone who got shouted down.


Movies & TV:

It’s a Wonderful Life (Amazon Prime)

Mission Impossible: Fallout (Redbox)



Jimmy Aikens post about December 25

Mac’s recipe for Hot...

Aug 15, 2018

Jude asks if he has a concussion over and over again. The whole family enjoys The Meg, and our local parish priest doubles down on the true presence in the Eucharist.


Movies & TV:

The Meg


Mission Impossible (Starz)


Ali’s Etsy store, Saint Script

Greg & Jennifer’s Exceptional Together...

Jul 10, 2018

Father Ben Dallas of the Diocese of Savannah is still with us. We discuss the sex scandal of the early 2000s, favorite over-wrought movies, his take on Mac’s conversion.


Movies & TV:


Anne of Green Gables

The Decalogue



Greg & Jennifer’s Exceptional Together and Exceptional You programs


Apr 30, 2018

Ben brings home some prize money from a film festival, we clean out the basement, Infinity War is great, and why you should move over at mass.


Movies & TV:

Avengers Infinity War

Woman in Gold

People You May Know


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Jul 19, 2017

Moving adventures including two different Uhauls, climbing in and out of car windows, and boxes, boxes, boxes! Also, the new Spiderman and Sam having a special moment at mass.



Spiderman Homecoming


Our other show: Spoiled! with Mac and Katherine


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