Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #111: Mad Mac We starve our dogs (not really), look at the year in review, Mac revisits the Mad Max saga, we look forward to the Jan return of Lost and BSG, and we get pretty fired up about the Church abuse scandal.  Merry Christmas!
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CST #110: The Fall This Week: Its been two weeks, calamitous Sundays, putting up lights, we review The Fall, get more info on Catholic weddings, and look at whether charity should have its limits.
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CST #109: Thanksgiving...Barron Style Thanksgiving at the Barron homestead, unexpected weddings, quick reviews of Twilight & Bolt, and nitpicking the differences between Catholic and Protestant weddings.
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CST #108: Like a Sinus Kit For Your Ears Ben has a sleepover party, Katherine drains her sinuses, Thanksgiving is coming, we review Incredible Hulk, some of you hate Expelled, and Advent is coming!
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CST #107: Go To Church! Kat's been taking the boys all over the place, we're taking a shopping day Tuesday, Netflix is ruining our lives, you guys add to our advice, and we discuss the good reasons to go to church.
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CST #106: Good Things to Know Before you Tie the Knot This week: The election is over and camping was a success. We review Son of Rambow, The Hustler, and Into the Wild. We hear from you and answer (in a roundabout way) the question - things I wish I knew before I got married.
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CST # 105: Paper Paper Everywhere... New cameras can't capture the essence of homecoming week vandalism or the fun of sleepovers, Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show is long on humanity (and profanity), your kids aren't going to hell if they trick or treat, and cycles of faith are just part of the human condition, not part of God.
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CST #104: Hey Jude, want to go on Cursillo? This week: Fridge fixes and fall festival time. We talk about SNL, Palin, and a host of Hulu related time wasters.We read from your mail (answering questions about families reactions to NFP). Chris asks about Walk to Emmaus and we fill in a little about Crusillo.
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CST #103: The Orphanage & Bad Liturgy - Both Scary! This week, we go to ANOTHER wedding, our fridge died, The Orphanage is supper scary and we shouldn't be liturgy nazis.
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CST #102: ER STAT! This Week, we recap our trip to Savannah, talk about how great ER was, and hear from your emails.
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