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CST #277: It's Not a Wonderful Christmas Carol

CST #277: Not a Wonderful Christmas Carol


Mac & Kat take part in SQPN's marathon, we share our favorite gifts, review A Christmas Carol (2009), and remark on generosity and accidental grace during Christmas.



A Christmas Carol (2009)

Its a Wonderful Life

Family Guy Star Wars parodies



Syma X5C quadcoptor


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CST #276: Merry Christmas

CST #276


Holiday camping, wrapping presents, and the flu is going around. We review a few movies and address an email about the frailty of some people's faith.



Call Me Clause

Shaggy Dog

Ernest Saves Christmas




Robert Downey Junior - River

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CST #275: Hope, a Light in the Dark

Show Notes - CST #275


The boys are the stars of the Christmas play, we finally get the trees decorated, we review the finally of True Detective and enjoy the Amazon TV Stick. We also meditate on suffering and hope at Christmas.






True Detective



Web Series:

Good Mythical Morning




Angela and the Baby Jesus by Frank McCourt

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CST #274: True Faith Detecting

Show Notes CST#274


Katherine goes a little crazy with the Christmas trees and gets some new budget software. Mac enjoys The Hobbit with the boys. And we look to the show True Detective for some really interesting ideas about religion and the human condition.


Movies and TV:

The Hobbit

True Detective



Hatchet by Gary Paulson



You Need a Budget - find it at


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CST #273: Getting Ready

Show Notes CST #273


Back from Thanksgiving break at Mac's parents'; we unpack the Star Wars trailer; Mac becomes a Pirate Assassin; and we discuss getting ready for the Lord.


Movies & TV:

Trailers for Star Wars Episode VII & Jurassic World

The Incredibles




Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

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