Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.

Jude is into trains, our show gets an air date, Kat watches Crazy Stupid Love, and we talk about the spiritual desert of our own making.

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We're Back! Cowboys & Aliens, 24, The Hunger Games, lots of Jane Austin, your book recommendations, and we talk about God being in the stillness, not the big "signs."

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A quick message that we haven't gone away and we'll have a new show very shortly!

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We shot a sitcom. How bizaar is that? We also watched Sherlock and read Ashes and the Magician's Assistant. Catachism lesson on #2223 - how to be a better parent.

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Its been three weeks since our last show, so we've got alot to talk about: too much VBS, waisted time, lots of movies, lots of email, and beware of any cult of personality... especially in the church.

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Cub scout camping, sinus infections, Kat's mom has brain cancer. We review a ton of little books and vent some frustrations about our parrish.

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Mac's B-day and Mothers' Day both "sublimate". Kat gorges herslef on movies. And we discuss divine impulses of mercy.

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CST #192: Easter Oops.

In take number two - Mac cuts his foot, Katherine waxes romantic over the royal wedding and we bemoan the lack of piety at our Good Friday service.

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Another hotel show from our trip to Athens, GA. We review The Source Code and talk about how doubting is part of our faith.

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After being gone for three weeks, we brag on the Sweenies, Band of Brothers, and how amazing Katherine... and all the other women in our lives are.

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