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Join us on this crazy adventure we call life.  We'll share with you the latest books, movies, tv shows and video games we're consuming.  We'll update you on what's happening and even go a little deeper.

Aug 31, 2022

Kat takes up water colors & finishes The Leftovers, Uncharted is just fine, and we talk alot about marriage, emotionally raw seasons, and the power of prayer in the midst of problems. 


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

The Leftovers (HBO)

Uncharted (Netflix)



Hostage to the Devil by Malichi Martin

Other great stuff...

Aug 26, 2022

Kat is still on the mend, Sam turns 17, Jude’s school starts back up and we hit the lottery again with listeners who come to our home. Thor ages really well, Light & Magic is…magical, and Kat explores the gluttony of binge-watching.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Thor (Disney+)

Light & Magic (Dinsney+)

Other great...

Aug 15, 2022

Kat’s surgery goes off without a hitch, Mac gets some kitchen work done, we struggle to identify the good, true, and beautiful in most of the bajillion movies we watched this week, and we talk about what a blessing it was to be in a catholic hospital.


Movies, TV, & Podcasts:

Prey (Hulu)

American Assassin (Hulu)


Aug 5, 2022

Kat get’s a birthday cruise, the Willits help us with the kitchen, the Heights enjoy the boat with us, a couple of comics tickle us, The Bear and Beautiful Boy both deliver outsized emotional impact with excellent storytelling. Movies, TV, & Podcasts: The Bear (Hulu) Beautiful Boy (VOD) Jon Christ Jeff Bruer Other...