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Join us on this crazy adventure we call life.  We'll share with you the latest books, movies, tv shows and video games we're consuming.  We'll update you on what's happening and even go a little deeper.

Feb 28, 2007

This week: Ben's growing up, Mac has a teaching crisis, a soundseeing tour of us watching the Oscar's and NFP gets the once over.

Feb 18, 2007

This week:  Tylenol is a good thing, a few good movies, and Mac and Katherine work out what to do for Lent.

Feb 14, 2007

This week: A short show about why this show is so short.

Feb 4, 2007

This week:  Katherine makes an OOPS!, a few emails and part one of an interview with Katherine's sister Barbara Jean on her life with depression.

Feb 3, 2007

In this special episode: The end of Katherine's interview with sister - Barbara Jean about her struggle with depression.