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Join us on this crazy adventure we call life.  We'll share with you the latest books, movies, tv shows and video games we're consuming.  We'll update you on what's happening and even go a little deeper.

Jan 25, 2023

We get our carpets cleaned…which one of our dogs…protests. We go to a comedy night we shouldn’t have, and Jude’s room gets a makeover. Last Looks is a funny noir, Vengeance is a sharp take on lots of modern culture, Last of the Mohicans still looks and sounds beautiful and Zoolander is…well…Zoolander. Also,...

Jan 18, 2023

The boys go on a church ski retreat as we get a preview of the empty nest. In the meantime we paint room, go out to eat and watch too much disturbing TV. As promised we unpack chapter 1 of John Senior’s Restoration of Christian Culture.



Chapter 1 of The Restoration of Christian Culture by John Senior



Jan 9, 2023

We take down Christmas, miss part of the first day of work, discuss Ben’s presents, go on a long convoluted Irish kick and get inspired by a family living the john Senior model.



Chapter 1 of The Restoration of Christian Culture by John Senior


Movies & TV:

The Banshees of Inisherin (HBO Max)


Dec 31, 2022

The great irony of this show is we talk (at length) about how long Avatar 2 is, but first we go on for the length of a bible about our favorite Christmas gifts. We also mention cold snaps, visitors on Christmas day, puzzles, and random holiday movies. Also, we think we should live our faith proudly with hope and discuss...

Dec 21, 2022

A funeral, a wedding, and a whole lot of travel. Kat is done with The Virginian, Mac is taking his time with A Christmas Carol, Sam has “thoughts” on a local Mass, and we imagine a world that celebrates Christmas like the world did for 1600 years.

Movies & TV:

Man Up (Prime)



The Virginian by Owen Wister