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A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #155: Feedback From the Moon

Ben's ignoring Kat, Sam has become quite the helper, Kat is getting old, Moon is a great movie, we hear lots of feedback, and long for the "good old days" of Church culture.

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CST #154: Don't Make Us Do It!

In this marathon edition of CST we revel in snow, read plenty of pirate lit and are taken aback by the gore of The Wolfman.

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Inside Marriage: Episode 2

Another short conversation about the issue of being late and how that has impacted our marriage. 

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Catholic Book Club: Choosing Beauty Chapter 5

Using the book "Choosing Beauty" by Gina Loehr as a guide, I'll be talking with women about how choosing beauty in our spiritual lives changes us in profound ways. In this fifth episode, I talk with singer, songwriter and soon-to-be new mom, Sarah Bauer about Chapter 5: Temperance.

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CST #153: Don't get Your Back Up

Mac wasn't such a jerk this Sunday, Jude is walking, Super Bowl plans, 500 Days of Summer, Nick Chase, Cool Feet, and don't get upset if you can't attachment parent.

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Inside Marriage: Episode #1

Just a little something we put together about an issue that has come up recently in our marriage. 


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CST #152: Open To Life We have no heat, trays keep coming in the mail, the boys liked The Dark Crystal, we liked Top Gear, and Kat feels bad for praying for "that time of the month".
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CST #151: Reading Into The Reader MLK Day, getting Lost agian,, and Katherine sees alot in The Reader.
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CST #150: Smoke Detectors and Lightning Rods New Year's at the Willits's, Quiz Bowl in Savannah, Sunday morning disasters, The Nativity Story, Angel Wars,, Angela and the Baby Jesus, and Brit Hume.
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