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A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #91: Bella - A Beauty of a Movie We are still on a high from the CNMC; we review the Happening, Lego Indiana Jones, and Bella; and talk about why we do what we do.
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A Special Treat From The CNMC We didn't get a new show out this week, but we got several requests to post this online. This is the short "film" we used for one of our presentations at the CNMC. We were supposed to come up with a segment on blogging. This is what oozed forth from the creative spigot.
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CST 90: All Quiet on Father's Day The week has involved lots of play dates, a rusty saw, and grizzly portrayals of trench warfare.  Colby stops by to tell us about the Ridgeline and we talk about God the Father.
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CST 89: Eco...Breastfeeding...Marriage...Sacrament...Oh Boy! Red dye and mysterious allergies, Mac sees First Blood for the first time, we recommend The Prestige for a second time, and Katherine takes the long way around to connect breastfeeding to the sacrament of marriage.

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CST #88: As Much As We Could Handle Not quite a show this week.  This is the only 10 minutes we could sqeeze out of 90 minutes worth of trying.  Too many interruptions... too many children... etc.

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CST #87: It's Not the Years; it's the Milage School's out for summer! We review Iron Man and Indy 4; we read from your email and the Rod Father fills us in on Corpus Christi.

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CST #86: Prince Caspian... or Inigo Montoya? School is winding down for Mac, its over for Ben, we explain pimento & cheese, and we review Prince Caspian... twice!

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CST #85: ...and Your Mother Dresses You Funny! This Week - We skype Mac's mom to wish her a Happy Mother's Day, we wonder about Lost, read from your emails, and talk about our pentecostal protestant roots.

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CST #84: Pardon Me Boy... CST #84: Pardon Me Boy...

We're back from Chattanooga, Mac is almost a Master of Education and he's 32, Kat reviews Lars and the real girl, we talk about the Spiderwick Chronicles, and we've solved one of mankind's most mysterious... mysteries.
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CST #83: No School Like the Home School Bus driving and night shifts keep Mac & Kat from actually seeing each other this week; we're getting psyched about the Catholic New Media Expo; we watched Henry V (cheers) and Walk Hard (jeers); and we discuss our reasons for homeschooling.
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