Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #101: Katherine's my Baby Mama! CST #101: In this episode, the weather is changing and homeschool is off to a bumpy start. We review Baby Mama and Made of Honor. We hear about a listeners camping with critters experience and have a little rant session on the single-mindedness of the media.
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CST #100: The Raccoon Show A humid camping trip, hungry raccoons, the lack of sunscreen, new shows on Hulu, lots of email, and what this show has meant to us for the last hundred episodes.

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CST #99: Tropic Thunderous Laughter Dog bowel events, Tropic Thunder, John Adams, and what we expect from our parish priest.

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CST #98: You Want To Cut Off What ?!?!? This week, Mac's getting a day off, we need to pray for the Gulf Coast, we revisit Casino Royale, and talk about a painful topic...circumcision!
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CST #97 Walking "The Road" With A "Personal Jesus" The Boys started school, we read The Road & other stuff, lost of voice mail, and talk about the Catholic view of the "Personal Jesus".
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CST #96: Gambling with Your Faith Mac goes back to school totally unprepared, Guitar Hero III sucks Mac in, and we look at the Church's position on gambling.
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CST #95: How Many Kinds of Aneurysms Are There? Mac's last week of freedom, Ben discovers capitalism, Flight of the Navigator doesn't hold up, and we discuss what makes our marriage strong.
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CST #94: NFP Revisited & A Big Announcement It's been a big week...especially around Kat's tummy area. We talk about everything from video games to books and revisit NFP.
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CST #93: Penelope & Too Much Stuff We're back from two weeks off and a road trip to Blakely. Updates on Kat's mom, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is boring, ER is not, Hulu rocks, and Penelope is good for the whole fam. Catholic stuff focusses on holding on to too much stuff.
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CST #92: Potato Cannons and the Apostle Paul We celebrate the 4th with good friends, fireworks, and a potato cannon; we tell you why you shouldn't see Wanted and should see Wall-e; and we look at the passion of St. Paul.
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