Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #49: Have Kittens... Will Mail This Week: Its both our one year podcasting anniversary and our 8th wedding anniversary. Our anniversary date. Kat's new hair cut and diet. Kitten anyone? Podcasting has changed our lives in a bajillion ways. These and many more topics covered in this exciting episode!
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CST #48: Father's Day This week: It's Father's Day, Mac takes a few days with the guys, Colby joins us for Colby's Cars, and we tie Blood Diamond into our faith and Father's Day.
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CST #47: Brewstation...the lazy man's coffee maker We talk about our new coffee maker (clumsy Katherine broke the old one), our new listeners get a hello, The Office (american version) is lots of fun, and we read from a few emails which leads us to talk about worship styles (Can Praise and Worship be found in the Catholic Church?)
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CST #46: So what?  You want a medal? This week: Adult conversation actually happens!  We review Pan's Labyrinth and talk about medals and catholic devotion to saints.
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CST #45:  Got Prayer? This week:  Mac gets to bike to school in shorts (summer is here!), we discover a crazy new website and give you a little insight into our prayer life (hint: you might not be inspired by what you see).

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CST #44:  No more teachers... This week: We talk about the end of school for Mac (whew!), Mother's Day, review Spiderman 3 (the first of what we are sure will be many summer movie reviews), and send out a little prayer request.
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CST #43:  Tech stuff and emails This week: Mac turns 31, we tell you about the technical stuff behind how we do this and we are reminded why it is we keep this up.
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CST #42: Pardon me boys... This week:  Pardon me boys - is this another show on healthcare?  We talk about our trip to Chattanooga, TN, hear a little from Mac's parents on how they met and finish up this controversial healthcare discussion.  Thanks for all of your emails! 
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CST #41:  Teething and other Health issues This week:  Mac makes a miracle, Sam breaks in four teeth at one time and we attempt to discuss the huge topic that is HEALTH CARE in this country.  Our apologies.
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CST #40: Is God Real? (We say yes) This week:  A visit to the Barrons', Sam can't keep his face out of trouble, Mac likes being a daddy (who'd of thunk it), we review Happy Feet and 300 and talk a little a defending our faith.

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