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A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #59: We love TV (much too much) This week: We do the podcast on the road - forgive us for the extra noise.  Sam is stubborn, England is elusive, TV this fall is great (and addictive), Prayer is necessary.
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CST #58: Quarantine This Week: Everyone in our house has been sick; updates on England plans; "The Ex" is worth a rent; no football + leaving the States = Mac's not a real man;  and we defend  Mother Teresa  (as if she needed it).
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CST #57: Catholic in a British Town? This week: Football season is upon us, Facebook is great...who knew? We review Shadowlands and Starter for 10, and a great book about Catholic apologetics.  Oh yeah...and we might be moving to England.  Did we forget to mention that?

The One-minute Apologist
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CST #56: Eating Crow This Week: Sam is a feast for some lucky mosquitoes, we review Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Robert Downey Jr. could so take Ryan Gosling if it came to fisticuffs, a listener has a perfect descriptor of Mac, and the CST gang has to pull some serious mea culpa for comments on last week's show.

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CST #55: Riding the SQPN Bandwagon Warning: Katherine got a little giggly this episode and what bubbled out may require some censoring.  We share what's happening in our lives, get psyched about NBC's Fall lineup, share some celebrity audio feedback and answer a controversial question.'s an adult kind of show.
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CST #54: Who you gonna trust... the pope or CNN? This week: Its REALLY HOT.  School is going well for Mac and Ben. Layer cake is good if you like British gangster movies. Our listeners know where to find out more about Harry Potter.  Lastly, the media get it wrong about something the pope says...shocker!

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CST #53:  Part of a Worldwide Event This week: School, Gymnastics, little boys (and big ones) back on schedule. We talk about the Bourne Ultimatum, Deathly Hallows (spoiler alert) and Mac waxes romantic about the Dangerous Book for Boys again. We hear a little voicemail and recap how our families responded to us joining THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH.
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CST #52: How do you say "ecumenism"? This week:  last days of summer, too much painting, Harry Potter movies and the last book; DO NOT SEE Number 23; do see Sunshine; we read from your emails; discuss sending your catholic kids to protestant youth programs; and Mac and Kat are celebrities... according to the "Rod Father".
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CST #51: Transformers... & Divorce? This Week: Katherine is an aunt! We review Transformers, get audio feedback from the UK & the Sweeneys, and take a look at the Catholic perspective on divorce.
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CST #50: On the Road & Out of Our Minds This Week: We go and go and then go some more.  4th of July & water "sports".  Up coming podcast awards.  Mac reveals his weakness for women with Scottish accents and "Mmm...Gevalia" has become a pop reference!
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