Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.
CST #30: We're Not Young Anymore Mac survives Atlanta! We survive the Willits's! Colby gives us the scoop on family vans. We read from your email; and we offer our modest opinion on the film Children of Men.
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CST #29: The One That Almost Wasn't This week: Old shows are up, gaining weight while exercising, katherine's bad day at work, we look at Arrested Development Season 3, and get serious for a few minutes about capital punishment.
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CST #28: Its Uberiffic! This Week: We're using Ubercaster!, Mac goes back to school & loses his hair, Zak gets us a new listener, we assess the 2006, talk about why we're doing this whole podcasting schtick, and mention podcast alley, where to find old episodes and hopefully turn you on to 

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CST #27: Happy New Year! We had a fun and exhausting Christmas Day, messing with Mom's knick-knacks; Katherine reviews Night at the Museum; and we talk about the role of family on this feast of the Holy Family. email us at hear old episodes at
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CST #26: Merry Christmas Christmas Special: stuff overload, flea treatments, a Christmas miracle (Mac's iPod returns!), we read about your holiday traditions and talk about ours, we look at our favorite Christmas movies and get a special song from Katherine. Please support the SQPN fund drive! Please email us about comments, concerns, questions, or anything else:
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CST #25: Shorty A short show: Christmas vacation, the boys have been sick, and an email from Juan about the blessings of stolen property. Guess where the end quote came from & I promise NOT to send you $20!
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CST #24: 'Tis the Season to Forgive This Week: School is winding down! Christmas busyness. We review Joex Noel. Emails about baby seals and elitism. Lastly, Mac must learn a lesson in forgiveness. Special Thanks to our Mary Bragg for our theme music. Movie Reviewed: Joex Noel Movie Quotes from Joe Verses the Volcano & Toy Story Please email us:
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CST #23: We're Back! This Week: A bunch of technical stuff; PS3 adventure & Thanksgiving at the Barrons’, we review Lego Star Wars II; This Profound Life; and the best audiofeedback ever. Special Thanks to Mary Bragg for our theme song.
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CST #22: We Go BigTime! Catholic in a Small Town goes big time with its new affiliation with SQPN; Mac loses his voice; emails address homosexuality argument on Studio 60; we don�t give away the ending of the Prestige; and discuss obsession in that movie and our lives. Big Disclaimer: Please excuse our sound problems with Katherine�s mic. We are getting used to new equipment.
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CST #21: Airplane! This Week - Ben's birthday party is a big hit; Sam hits the terrible twos early; we have a special interview with a Swainsboro High School student, Patrick Hall; Katherine's This Profound Life segment; and we read from our ONE email this week... not that we're bitter. Theme music by Mary Bragg All movie quotes from Airplane. Special thanks to Patrick Hall
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