Catholic in a Smalltown Podcast (general)
A podcast about a young, Catholic couple raising kids in a small town. Faith. Family. Fun...Scandalous.

CNMC was great, construction has begun on our upstairs, Crazy Heart was great, A Boy & His Blob is good too; and use your talents!

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We rag on our St. Augustine trip, talk about Whip It, answer email and Christina Tipit must have read today's gospel.

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Heading to a family reunion, see Inception, don't even rent Legion, and pray the rosary with your family.

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Mac applies for a new job, the boys spend a week at Grandma's, Extrodinary Measures makes Mac cry, and baptism is the basis of all our faiths.

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Too many birthday parties, bed troubles, Knight and Day is better than the A-team, and Joan asks us what we want her daughters to know.
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In a shorter than anticipated show, we talk about Mac NOT winning the Father of the Year Award and go over a slew of movies we've watched.
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All about our Disney vacation.
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Mac finishes school, Colby graduates, Kat plans for Disney, Ingloroious Bastards really is pretty amazing, and we talk about our pentecostal pasts.
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School's end is near, we liked Iron Man 2 & Zombieland, and sometimes you actually get what you pray for.
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CST #162: As We Forgive Those... Last minute parade plans, Empire with the boys, Highlight's Top Secret Adventures, your mail, and forgiveness - the central message of the gospels.
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